I lost my way

I lost my way 
I lost the knowledge 
I lost the magic 
The magic that I used to unite me with everything all around 
How come? 
How come this happened? 
How come? 
I woke up 
I have grown up 
I have been told how to live my life
 how to dress up 
how to make a living 
all about it 
but one thing... 
how can i learn myself what this life is about 
I lost my way 
What for should i be reborn from one life to another 
to repeat this 
all again and again 
why should i come back 
as different character 
so i can learn about this life 
again and again 
repeating the same old movie 
to die again and to be born again 
to return again and to sleep again and to loose again 
to lose again 
that way that is called life 
so much knowledge is around 
so many teaching are around 
how to choose 
how to remember 
who am i 
how to know what am i 
here for obviously 
I`m here not only to eat and sleep 
I`m here some kind of big and great reason that maybe life itself? 
life that consists of so many pieces pieces of happiness through them we getting to know and getting to remember what life really means only thorugh these little pieces of happiness as well through sorrow we getting to remember it do i need to experience an accident do i need to lose a leg or an arm so i can really appreciate what life is? do i have to lose the dearest to realize that i really loved them? do i really need to lose it all so i can enjoy this life with a smile? i lost my way many times many times there would be aday when i will wake up the day will come when I realize why i am here the day will come when i will look at my dear ones and i will say thanks thanks for your exicstence thanks that yo remind me every day what this love is thanks for reminding me why i am here thanks to all of you for reflecting my truth right here and just now because because we are all one we are all one unit i lost my way i lost my way just to realize just to realize just so i can realize to understand that im on the right path.

*Estas Tonne 


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