My sunlit path

My sunlit path, no fog, no cloud can hide.
My heart-flames enjoy God’s Sunrise-Ride.
* Sri Chinmoy 

Into the world of beauty’s flame,
Into the world of offering’s game,
Into the world of lustre-flood,
I came, I came, my existence came.
* Sri Chinmoy 

Mother, Mother Divine, Mother of mine,
Do place me and my earth-existence life
On Your Divine Lap Supreme.
Mother, O Mother, for a fleeting second,
My heart of inner pangs desires
To be at the door of Your Heart-Home
Which is flooded with Your Sun-Effulgence
And Your Moon-Translucence.
With my heart's breathless joy
I shall drink in the nectar-beauty
Of Your golden Immortality's
Transcendence -Beyond,
And listen to Your loving, glowing,
And life-transforming Compassion-Voice.
This small and fragile earth-body of mine
Discovers its Eternal Haven-Light
In Your Illumination-Perfection heart sky.
Nobody will glimpse, nobody will know,
Nobody will hear the breath of a word.
Eternity's Silence-Life will reign supreme
Upon my devotion-head and my surrender-heart.
Mother, when the spark of restlessness-life
Torments and assails me
And my earth-members, body-vital-mind-heart,
Do destroy my somnolence-oblivion,
Mother, do bring me back if ever I swerve
From the Path of Your Truth-Oneness,

*Composed and translated by Sri Chinmoy 1975

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